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Welcome to CompViaExcel.com

Why create yet another website about using Excel? 

There are lots of books, classes and websites out there to teach you “How to use Excel”.   Only this site focuses on Compensation and how Compensation Professionals use Excel.

Excel needs for Compensation professionals are different.  All of our examples, samples, training and solutions are about Compensation.   Not Accounting, Finance, Mortgage calculations and Sales inventory.  Comp. Period.

We want to teach techniques over complex formulas and tricks.  This is a site about getting the job done.  Improving efficiencies, accuracy, and turnaround times.

In our experience we have seen skillful use of simple Excel skills can often produce the results needed without trying to be an Excel Wizard.  Technique and some out of the box thinking can go a long way to truly leveraging the power and capability available to the average user in Excel.


“Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I will move the world”

Archimedes of Syracuse (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC)

Our focus goes beyond “How to use Excel”.  We want to show you How to leverage Excel!

Website visitors and classroom students should be able to take examples back to the office and use them!  Real world solutions to problems are the focus, but it’s OK if you accidentally learn something along the way!

We hope you find CompViaExcel.com to be a valuable resource to tune up your Excel skills and step up the value it brings to you and your organization.  If you are not seeing what you need, please tell us.  The more we know about your needs, the better we can address them.

What’s Your Issue?

Because our focus is on showing solutions to real world problems, we need a steady supply of problems to fix.  That’s where you come in.  We would like you to send in problems for us to use and share back with you in our Blogs, examples and templates.   Or perhaps you have something cool to share with the rest of us, send it in and we will post it.   Simply shoot us an email to info@CompViaExcel.com.  If you can provide an attached Excel sheet to make your point, that would be most helpful.


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