2014 Compensation Planning: A Light just came on…

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-vintage-street-night-image18667337 In front of my house this evening as the sunlight faded,

I watched as the street lights began to come on.  Maybe it was the old fashioned style of the street lights, but I thought back to when street lights were fueled by oil and someone had to come along each night and light them manually.    I imagine that occasionally human error resulted in dark patches in the street when the caretaker failed to ensure there was enough oil in the lamp.

How amazing must it have been the first time the all electric version of those streetlights could simultaneously be turned on from a central location.  No more walking lamp to lamp every night – a huge process improvement.

And now I look up as the light turns on by itself with the help of a photo cell.    No longer do we even need a caretaker to flip a switch when it gets dark.

I’m sitting in my office finishing up testing on the latest version of the SpeedSheet™  generator and see an instant parallel.

Like the caretaker walking from lamp to lamp,

working the late hours to provide a service to others, HR professionals around the globe will be working the late hours building spreadsheet after spreadsheet with the onset of salary planning season.  Most will have all the resources they need to shine, but may still encounter those dark patches of human error.  Some may not even possess the resources to fully light the way for managers.  Forced to provide light the best they can, even if that means an open fire in the middle of the street ( unsecured, uncontrolled spreadsheets).

It is a simple fact that Excel skills vary.  Some professionals will be better equipped to handle more complexity such as multiple budgets or mixed currencies. Others may provide an unprotected solution that could get someone burned.  After all, their core responsibility is Compensation, not spreadsheet creation.


Here at CompViaExcel, we have been working on the electric version of those street lights.

Now HR professionals can flip a switch and create all those manager compensation planning sheets.  No more one by one single output process, and did you check the oil?  (that would be the second look audit each sheet gets).  We even the playing field by leveraging your Compensation skills and knowledge, not your Excel skills, to deliver top notch Excel spreadsheets for managers.

SpeedSheets™  offer centrally controlled, pre-tested calculations, automatic versioning and are scalable to as many street lights spreadsheets as you need without impacting resource levels. When you must pull it all together in a short period of time, we have your tireless assistant to kick out hundreds of spreadsheets in minutes.

Are your senior managers getting tired of slicing down the large spreadsheets you provide so that they can deploy them further down in the organization?  SpeedSheets™ open up greater deployment opportunities by removing the barriers around high volume and decreasing the Cut & Paste risks that plague organizations today.

I can’t help but wonder if we will ever get to the photo cell for Excel….http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-3d-render-street-image23250416

…managers get spreadsheets as the sun sets on the last days of the year without HR or Compensation folks even getting involved.   Nah, this is not a simple light bulb.  We still need the interjection of solid compensation knowledge to address all the unique variables each company has to manipulate.   For now we will just settle for making compensation planning the most streamlined Excel based process possible for Compensation, HR professionals, and Managers.


Contact us at info@CompViaExcel.com to learn more about SpeedSheets™  and other unique offerings for managing your compensation planning process.

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